I have just got my knee replacement surgery done by Dr SinuKumar. He has a magical hand. | have no words to describe him. He is my mentor my friend and my God. In He is an amazing person . I am lucky to meet him in my life . God always helps you to meet right people at the right time. He is ever smiling, extremely helpful and patient friendly. So fortunate to have met him. Stay blessed.

Meera Viswanathan

I was treated for a broken tibia and fibula. I underwent multiple surgeries with perfect recovery. One of the best doctors I have come across.

Special thanks to Dr. Swapnil for the constant support and follow ups.

akhil gopal

Dr. Sunikumar Bhaskaran as well as his team are awesome and incredible . My mother’s total knee replacement surgery was done by Dr. Sunikumar Bhaskaran . The surgery was successful . Dr. Sinukumar Bhaskaran taken care of patients in excellent way. He is lovely to speak with at every appointment. It’s rare to find a doctor that combines such personal touches and care for a patient as a person with outstanding quality of medical care. Dr. Sinukumar Bhaskaran is best doctor for total knee replacement operations. Highly recommended. May God bless Dr.Sinukumar Bhaskaran and his team with happiness , good health and prosperity.

sumit koul

Dr. Sinukumar Bhaskaran is an excellent Joint Replacement Surgeon in Viman Nagar. His approach is patient-centric.
I have experienced his human and surgical skills when he gave confidence to my mother in law 64 age to get ready for the inevitable knee transplant surgery and performed the transplant immaculately.
It has been 10 years since then and she is leading a normal life.

Angad Sadgar

I’ve been a long term visitor at Columbia Asia hospital, at Kharadi. Starting my first visit with a sprain to other injuries, Ive been going on Dr. Sinukumar for well over 6-7 years now.
This time, it was something a little more than a sprain, an ACL reconstruction. The conversations I had with him on the approach (because of some other issues) were refreshing. He provided me options on what the best course of action would be, post the surgery and how he’d consult with other doctors, his peers, outside the hospital – was commedable.
I got to meet Dr. Swapnil once the dates of the surgery was decided. The assurance plus the part where they’d give facts was for me to understand was just what I wanted.
The surgery went well, it’s been two months. Dr. Sinukumar also recommended a good physiotherapist and I’m currently taking his help to get back to normal.
Personally, my experience with Dr. Sinukumar has been nothing short of pleasant. I had even taken a second opinion from Sancheti and Dr. Sinukumar was of the opinion that it was a good thing to do. He even helped me with a consult from a doctor at Sancheti.
I intend to go to Dr. Sinukumar as long as I’m at Pune. God knows that even after this ACL heals, I’m not going to stop getting hurt.

Sandeep Menon

Dr. Sinukumar Bhaskaran and his team are very professional, prompt and have been available for my recovery even during lockdown. I had the best treatment with utmost support from him.

Apurva Shrikhande

Dr Sinukumar Bhaskaran is the best Orthopedic Surgeon I have come across. He did a knee replacement surgery for my Mother in 2018 and since then we always go to him for any orthopedic issues.

Dr Bhaskaran is knowledgeable, professional, and appears to be highly regarded by the patients and staff at Columbia Asia. In spite of that, he is humble, approachable, and takes time to make the patient feel comfortable and understand the issue. A rare combination of traits!

He takes the time to answer our innumerable questions. The consultations are not rushed. He offers practical solutions for the issue and discusses pros and cons of the options to help us decide. He and his team take care to coordinate all the pre- and post-surgery procedures and makes sure that we understand every step.

His team, especially Dr Swapnil Kadam, has been extremely helpful during my Mother’s surgeries. They coordinate the diagnostic tests and treatments keeping in mind the patient’s age and other medical restrictions. Dr Kadam is also very knowledgeable and approachable and always available to answer our queries.

Given their medical expertise and the level of care for their patients we could trust them with performing another joint surgery on my Mother even during the pandemic.

Thank you Dr Bhaskaran and Dr Kadam!

Sonali Mookerjee

Dr. Sinukumar as well as his entire team are awesome and highly credible. My mother’s knee replacement surgery was performed by Dr. Sinukumar Bhaskaran which was highly successful. Also, the post operative follow-up was very smooth and hassle free, considering COVID restrictions all around. He is also very cordial to speak even while calling during odd hours or clarifying doubts at appointments. Dr. Bhaskaran and his team take care of patients in an excellent way by combining personal touch with outstanding quality of medical care. Will highly recommended him.
Special thanks to Dr. Swapnil for the constant support and follow ups during the entire process.

pritha chatterjee

Dear Dr Sinu Sir, Thank you so much from bottom of my heart for giving new Happy life to my mom…. She is so happy and confident and blessing you from heart…. At the first most visit of her to you she believed that you will cure her and you did it with smile?….. My faith in you paid off and she is proud to be your patient…..Thanks a lot for all the support you provided to us Keep spreading smiles sir?

Feedback from bilateral knee patients son . Here she is welcomed back home after years of being unable to walk upright…. For us it’s just a surgical procedure but for many it’s a festival – a celebration of life

Remedium Super Speciality Clinic

My mother had knee replacement 2 yr before by Great doctor Sinu Sir
Now my mother is absolutely fine thank you so much for this kind of work to servicing us.

Jogesh Bisoyi

Sir, Can you recognise your patient .
She is standing tall just because of you.
This is recent picture, it is now more than one year, you successfully did her knee replacement surgery.
She always blesses you for the surgery. Pain free life.

Bhupendra Rai

At the age of 41, the last thing Harish Khude expected to suffer from was pain in the hip that hampered his movements.He feared being bedridden and consulted Dr Sinukumar bhaskaran, senior Orthopedic Consultant and Joint Replacement Surgeon, Columbia Asia Hospital, Kharadi, Pune.”Dr Sinu gave me the confidence to opt for hip surgery, explaining to me the whole process and dispelling my doubts,” says Khude, recalling those moments spent in pain. Post hip replacement surgery a few months ago, he is as agile as a thirty year old.”I have satrted going to work routinely and have a positive attitude after surgery. i am relieved from the pain and i have no side effects till now. I have visited many hospitals in Pune for various purposes but found Columbia Asia to be the best one especially under the able hands of Dr Sinu,”he says, with relief written across his face.

Harish Khude

Rekha Deshmukh, at 69 years could not lift her feet. tyhis made it difficult for her to even move around without help.”When we consulted doctors at Columbia Asia Hospital, they advised knee replacement surgery,”Rekha reveals. “Though i belong to a family of surgeons, I was tense at the thought of going under the knife,” she says.But, the orthopaedic team explained the treatment modality to her and how she would be able to walk on her own without anybody’s help.”The very thought that I will be the independent once again convinced me to undergo knee replacement surgery on both knees at the same time. This way, both knees could recover simultaneously and cost was less.Now post surgery, along with routine physiotherapy which I plan to continue even later, i can do all my housework and am cheerful too,”she says.

Rekha Deshmukh