At the age of 41, the last thing Harish Khude expected to suffer from was pain in the hip that hampered his movements.He feared being bedridden and consulted Dr Sinukumar bhaskaran, senior Orthopedic Consultant and Joint Replacement Surgeon, Columbia Asia Hospital, Kharadi, Pune.”Dr Sinu gave me the confidence to opt for hip surgery, explaining to me the whole process and dispelling my doubts,” says Khude, recalling those moments spent in pain. Post hip replacement surgery a few months ago, he is as agile as a thirty year old.”I have satrted going to work routinely and have a positive attitude after surgery. i am relieved from the pain and i have no side effects till now. I have visited many hospitals in Pune for various purposes but found Columbia Asia to be the best one especially under the able hands of Dr Sinu,”he says, with relief written across his face.

Harish Khude

Rekha Deshmukh, at 69 years could not lift her feet. tyhis made it difficult for her to even move around without help.”When we consulted doctors at Columbia Asia Hospital, they advised knee replacement surgery,”Rekha reveals. “Though i belong to a family of surgeons, I was tense at the thought of going under the knife,” she says.But, the orthopaedic team explained the treatment modality to her and how she would be able to walk on her own without anybody’s help.”The very thought that I will be the independent once again convinced me to undergo knee replacement surgery on both knees at the same time. This way, both knees could recover simultaneously and cost was less.Now post surgery, along with routine physiotherapy which I plan to continue even later, i can do all my housework and am cheerful too,”she says.

Rekha Deshmukh