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Is It Possible To Have Healthy Joints By Living A Healthy Lifestyle

Obesity, which is a key risk factor for a wide range of diseases and maladies, including joint problems that impact millions of people worldwide, has risen in recent decades as a result of unhealthy lifestyle practises and eating habits. While these issues are commonly associated with the elderly, you may be shocked to learn that young people are also at risk. In India alone, studies reveal that about 15% of the population, or more than 170 million individuals, suffers [...]


How to Prevent Infection after a Joint Replacement Surgery?

One of the most frequently asked questions to a joint replacement surgeon is whether a person is old or young enough for joint replacement surgery. According to the best joint replacement surgeon in Pune, there is no specific age at which a person can undergo a joint replacement surgery safely.   However, the doctor always takes the final judgment after considering the benefits vs. the risks of the surgery with the particular patient in mind. Whereas for some cases the benefits are [...]


Pain-Free Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Imagine a life with no pain and suffering, an ideal, comfortable life, and then ask yourselves about the reality of this? For obvious reasons, a perfect life can’t exist but that doesn’t mean we lose our hopes and accept all the pain and suffering instead of keeping up the fight against them. Each day we listen to stories about people undergoing arthritis or joint pain and how it affects their daily activities like walking, climbing stairs, or even lying [...]