Is It Possible To Have Healthy Joints By Living A Healthy Lifestyle

Is It Possible To Have Healthy Joints By Living A Healthy Lifestyle

Obesity, which is a key risk factor for a wide range of diseases and maladies, including joint problems that impact millions of people worldwide, has risen in recent decades as a result of unhealthy lifestyle practises and eating habits. While these issues are commonly associated with the elderly, you may be shocked to learn that young people are also at risk. In India alone, studies reveal that about 15% of the population, or more than 170 million individuals, suffers from arthritis, which is a hypernym for a group of degenerative joint illnesses that can necessitate joint replacement.

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The functional connectors that connect our bones are our joints. Our joints support our bodies’ weight and provide mobility, both of which are essential for doing our daily tasks. Joint disorders are accompanied by chronic pain and discomfort, which can have a negative impact on your quality of life. These are primarily the result of poor lifestyle practices that we practise on a daily basis. The fact that the majority of patients undergoing hip and knee replacement surgery in India are obese or overweight demonstrates this. The reason for this is that carrying too much weight puts undue strain on your joints, causing them to wear out faster.

You must be aware that your daily living habits and joint health are inextricably linked. By healthifying and strengthening your joints, adopting a healthy lifestyle reduces your risk of developing different joint-related disorders.

Are you looking for ways to improve your joint health?
Here are three simple advice from a Joint Replacement Surgeon in Pune who specialises in knee and hip replacement surgery that will help you maintain joint health and break free from joint pain:

change what’s on your plate – You might be shocked to learn that the food we eat has an effect on our joints, either directly or indirectly. While some foods can aggravate joint deterioration, others can help to ease the problem. Tomatoes, green tea, blueberries, broccoli, and nuts are some prominent anti-inflammatory foods to include in your diet.

Stop smoking — Studies have shown that smoking impairs your circulatory system, limiting nutrient-rich blood from reaching your muscles and joints, making you more susceptible to joint disorders.

Go thin, go healthy -Extra body weight puts undue strain on your joints, resulting in chronic wear and tear. As a result, maintaining healthy body weight is critical. Most of us intend to go to the gym and work out, but we never follow through and continue to procrastinate. To reduce weight, you don’t absolutely need to attend a gym. Simply make dietary changes and engage in low-impact activities on a daily basis. Go for walks, swim, or ride your bike. It’s past time to stop procrastinating and get things done.