A Natural Knee Replacement

A Natural Knee Replacement

After knee replacement, many patients confess that even though their pain has been cured completely it does not seem like their original or natural knee.

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Dr. Simkumar Bhaskaran, Joint Replacement Surgeon in Pune, Columbia Asia Hospital, explains, “Knee replacements, though extremely successful in recreating the damaged joint resurfaces, patients at times do experience a foreign body sensation. Moreover, knee replacement leads to a realignment of the legs which can alter the walking pattern of the patients. But with the advent of a newer surgical technique called anatomic.
knee replacement and the use of personalized implants, patients almost forget that they have undergone a knee replacement within a few months and the knee feels completely natural.

The anatomic knee placement maintains the original alignment of the legs and hence patient walks in a completely natural way.

Bhaskaran says. “We achieve these surgical goals using computer navigation and personalized fitting implants which are now available easily in our city. “Surgeons in the US and Europe have already published scientific data regarding the success of these techniques. At Columbia Asia Hospital Pune patients who have benefited from this natural knee have been more satisfied with the results.

For more details, visit, Dr. Sukumar Bhaskaran, Joint replacement Consultant Columbia Asia Hospital Pune.