Hip Anatomy

The hip joint is one of the most surgically exposed joints in the body. The indications for surgical exposure are numerous ranging from simple procedures such as arthrotomy for joint drainage in infection to complex procedures like revised total hip replacement. Tissue dissections based on sound knowledge of anatomic orientations is essential for best surgical outcomes.

Anatomic terms apply to the hip:

    • Anterior — the abdominal side (front) of the hip
    • Posterior — the back side of the hip
    • Medial — the side of the hip closest to the spine
    • Lateral — the side of the hip farthest from the spine
    • Abduction — move away from the body (raising the leg)
    • Adduction — move toward the body (lowering the leg)
    • Proximal — located nearest to the point of attachment or reference, or center of the body
    • Distal — located farthest from the point of attachment or reference, or center of the body
    • Inferior — located beneath, under or below; under surface
hip anatomy

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